Monday, May 11, 2015

End of Year Activity - Flextangle

I saw this "flextangle" activity on Facebook and thought I could modify it for academic content. In the example I choose WW2 (primarily because I recently worked with a Social Studies teacher and her standards were fresh on my mind). It was pretty easy.

The student would need to come up with 12 short facts about a topic and be able to illustrate it somehow (my illustrations range from good to poor but I was able to depict my thinking so really that is all that mattered). It could work with science as well as social studies. The end product is pretty small size wise which is why I recommend short facts.

A teacher friend of mine posted that - they actually demonstrate the math concepts of frieze patterns, reflection, rotation, and translation (here I was thinking they were just "cool" :).

The original post I took the idea from can be found HERE. This is also where you go to get the instructions for putting it together and the pattern. 

If you are looking for a fun independent project for students to do as you head into the home stretch of the school year this might be for you!

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