Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Guidance (Classroom Management) Ideas

I saw these two signs while in a school and I liked them both. They came from the school's guidance counselor. The first required that a student be able to mentally check off a list before they report bullying. I liked this because children often throw the word "bullying" out without really knowing how it is defined. The list she has posted helps (I didn't see the form that students were to fill in but it is on my list to find the next time I visit the school).  I thought this could be used in a classroom - particularly at the beginning of the year when talking about bullying.

The second made me laugh. I saw it in a kindergarten room and asked the teacher about it. She said the school's guidance counselor came and taught her little ones about the importance of people's "personal space". They had to demonstrate that they understood the concept of "personal space" to get the certificate. I loved the idea as a guidance I thought I would share. Even if you don't have a dedicated guidance counselor (some counselor's are shared between more then one school these days) this might be a good beginning of year lesson for students. I'm not sure what she did in the lesson but when I am tracking down the bullying form I'll ask and post.

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