Sunday, May 16, 2010

End of Year Activities I

For Mother's Day all of our fourth grade students made this adorable accordion book out of one sheet of paper and cardboard from cereal boxes (which we covered in black construction paper). Students took the word MOTHER and wrote and illustrated an acrostic about their mom. When they were done we tied a nice white ribbon around it and students decorated a brown lunch bag as their "wrapping paper" (the accordion book was put in the bag and folded over and they took it home this way). We took pictures of all the students and printed them in black and white on the school printer.
As I sit thinking about end of year activities that I can do with my students in the three and a half weeks left of school, I was thinking how this could be modified as an "end of year" activity. Students could write the word SCHOOL and write and illustrate an acrostic of things related to the current school year or subject.
Most likely we would not do this since we just completed the Mother's Day one but I thought I might put it out there for anyone needing something to do with students the last few days of school.

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