Sunday, May 16, 2010

End of Year III

We have three Friday's until the end of the school year and I have decided to make each of those Friday's a "movie day". This will give me an opportunity to show some science movies/shows that I was unable to get to during the year (I TiVo'd several episodes of Raging Plant, Storm Stories, etc.). There are some great "World's Greatest" videos on Discovery Streamline if you have in your school district that are approximately 1 hour long (World's Best - Swarms, World's Best - Animal Babies, etc...).

I told students that they can bring in a snack and drink (unless it gets out of hand).

This will help give me some extra time to grade and start cleaning/packing my classroom (I am moving classrooms this year). I will watch the program with my behaviorally challenged class but the other two will be fine with me moving about packing.

If you are looking for other year end activities....try a google search....I saw several that could be modified for my use. Also, contact teachers in other schools for ideas....there is a group of teachers at one school who are doing a three week unit on the rain forest. A friend of mine is doing a three week integrated unit on Pirates (fourth grade) as a test for something she wants to do next year.

If you have any great end of year activities...please post and share.


Jessica said...

Do you mean Discovery Education?

Eve Heaton said...

Yes. Sorry. It is Discovery Education.