Saturday, May 1, 2010

Notebooking for Next Year

I have had the pleasure of introducing notebooking to several schools in my district this year and at the South Carolina Science Council Convention (picture of me above).

Most of the presentations I made were at the requests of other teachers, not administration. To me those are the better presentations. I find teachers tend to be more receptive to ideas if they are suggested by another teacher as opposed to administration (to which the general reaction is...."Great something else we are being asked to do/try!" :)

If you are thinking about trying notebooking next year, or if you have started this year and would like to share your experiences with other teachers in your school, NOW is the time to speak at a facility meeting or a team meeting (feel free to download the PowerPoint I put together and can be found under the "video" label). This would give other teachers time to start thinking about it and possibly plan over the summer. If it is something that is introduced at the beginning of the school year, or mid school year, the chances of it actually being implemented goes down.

Don't be discouraged if nobody else in your school or team looks enthusiastic. Notebooking will not work if the teacher is not enjoying it (which is the last thing I say when I present). My suggestion is to keep notebooking and enjoy it (and share it)! Hopefully other teachers and administrators will notice your enthusiasm, student engagement/work, and increased test scores and will jump on the notebooking train :)


mary chambers said...

I am currently subbing in DoDEA schools. I am "planning" to have a classroom next year (positive thoughts). I want to know more about your notebooking (loved the duct tape idea, btw). Any suggestions on where to learn more? I will start with your ppt. Thanks for the GREAT ideas to a teacher that is trying to stay current in the classroom.

mary chambers said...

So, being new to "blogging," my comment didn't stick! I am so glad you are sharing about notebooking. I want to try it and know nothing about it. I will start with your ppt. I am currently subbing in a DoDEA school and hope to have my own classroom next year and I want to get a jump start. Any suggestions on where to learn more about notebooking? Thanks again for sharing such great info. I look forward to reading more!