Monday, July 6, 2015

ISTE Idea - #5 - 100 Word Challenge

I saw this at a poster session and am very excited about getting some classrooms to try this 100 Word Challenge this coming year.

In a nutshell The 100 Word Challenge is for children under the age of 16. They are given a prompt and are allowed to use 100 words to produce a creative piece of writing (there is a 5 sentence challenge for younger writers). Prompts are given which can be anything from an image to a series of individual words. Students receive encouraging comments from their dedicated 100 Word Challenge Team and Peers.

It looks like in the past you had to have a blog and link back to the 100 Word Challenge but they posted this on their site:

"The new 100WC will launch in September 2015.  It will still be free to enter but you won’t have to have a blog to take part and for those of you who comment, all the posts will be in one place! So much easier! "

Not having to have a blog is definitely a big help in selling it to teachers...we don't have many dedicated classroom bloggers in our district. The sign up is free and it starts September 2015. I just signed up so I can get their emails.

I like the idea of using it for homework (middle schoolers take their tablets home and some schools are allowing the iPads to go home at the elementary level). At this point my only questions are will the site be available on the iPad and has the district blocked the website? I won't get those questions until we head back to school so I will keep you posted.


jfb57 said...

Thank you so much for this great post Eve! So glad you enjoyed it!


Night Zookeeper said...

Hi Eve, I am part of the team that is behind the creation of Night Zookeeper and I can ensure you that the website will work very well on iPad. It has been designed to be optimised with iPads and other tablets. In regards to your question about the website being filtered by your will need to check this at school. If it is blocked, then please do contact me on and I will help you with any technical difficulties.

Have a great summer!