Saturday, July 4, 2015

ISTE Idea - #6 - Shutterfly Photo Story in the Classroom

This idea came from a Poster Session led by folks at Shutterfly. They have a Photo Story in the Classroom app for iPad and had several student sample book projects on hand to look through. 

I liked this much better then the Book Creator app we currently use. I've found the Book Creator app very difficult when it comes to sharing. You can upload it to Google Drive but it becomes a PDF with no fun book features (like flipping pages) and in order to share or purchase a book using Book Creator you have to download a secondary app (iBooks).

The Shutterfly app is much easier to use. Students can insert pictures, text, audio and easily share with an email address. If a parent or teacher wants to print out a project it is easy to order one through their program as low as $10 (the books pictured above were the 8x8 softcover books) or they can simply share for free with email.

The students will need an email address to signup but it can be a made up one because there is no email verification (I asked). We are a Google for Education school district so our students do have an email account. There are several how to use the app webinars on YouTube so you can check it out before you decide to download the app and use it in the classroom.  


B Keller said...

Fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I am looking for your other ideas! My dream is to go to ISTE some day!

Book Creator said...

Hi Eve,

Thanks for using Book Creator!

You can share your book as an ePub, PDF or video. If you want to print your book - check out this amazing guide from a teacher who got some great results!

Link: From Book Creator to printed book