Tuesday, July 5, 2016

ISTE Top 10 - #8 - Google Quiz Feature in Forms

The big news this trip was the release of a quiz feature in Google Forms that launched June 27th. This feature allows you to create quizzes within Google Forms where the answers will be graded without any extensions.

I haven't played with it yet but I have saved a few videos on YouTube to watch later when I get home. I am thinking this might make a good back-to-school PD topic. 

Another feature that I haven’t used in Google Forms, which I saw used on this trip, was the form or data validation feature (for a video overview CLICK HERE). How I saw it used...in order for students to move forward, let say working out a math question, they have to put in the correct answer as a type of form validation before they can submit the final form to the teacher or move on to the next section in the form. I liked this feature because if the student doesn't get the answer correct in the data validation area then they have to rework the problem before they can move on. A lot of times students will just randomly type in an answer without knowing if they are correct or not and this feature will make it clear if they are right or wrong. I am looking forward to creating some teacher examples to share which will highlight how this feature can be used.

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