Friday, July 1, 2016

ISTE Top 10 - #9 - Kahoot Additions

I am a big Kahoot and Quizizz user. I stopped by the Kahoot booth to see what was new (to me) for the coming year and I got to demo the new Team Mode and Bonus Streak features. 

I love the Team Mode (you still have the option to do the regular familiar model)!

I worked with a group of three teachers to answer a bunch of random questions. One person controlled the device so this feature is great if you don’t work in a 1:1 environment. The Team Mode features a question and answers that are on the screen what changes is that you can build in “discussion time” for the groups (up to 2 minutes…we were given 30 seconds). As soon as the time is up you're team is prompted for the answer. I found it a nice way to have people/students work collaboratively. My wish for this feature is that the Kahoot system would put the the students in groups (like the Quizlet Live feature) instead of either the teacher or students choosing the groups . 

The Bonus Streak feature in Kahoot gives players bonus points for a series of correct answers in a row. 

We were given a link to a paper Kahoot  (thanks Leslie Fisher) which you can use to have student fill in to provide you with questions/information for making a Kahoot with their input (think about a back to school Kahoot with information about all the kids or a review that students contribute to).

For more information about the Team Mode feature check out the Kahoot blog topic about it. 

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