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Pet Peeves - Pencil, Erasers, Names, and Feet

All teachers have those little things that drive you INSANE during the course of the school year. Initially for me it was the constant need to get up and use the pencil sharpener...ugh! (or worse yet...not having a pencil...nothing slows down notebooking more). I made my peace with that years ago by having a pencil loaner bin filled with the cheap plastic pencil sharpeners (that catch shavings). I buy those at Staples during their penny sale and as a teacher you can get more then the "four per customer" rule. I did not buy enough for this years class and made a mental note to get more. Make sure you put your name on it with permanent marker THEN put a piece of clear tape over it. That has kept them from disappearing and is an easy way to tell the difference between yours and a student. Of course my next little pet peeve is that students will not take a pencil if it doesn't have an eraser so that leads to a 5 minute search through the pencil loaner bin for one that d

Our Week

Monday - Students received study guides and teamed up with clock partners to fill in. Reviewed the answers. Watched Bill Nye Electric Currents. Tuesday - Spent half the day in the computer lab playing a great British electrical circuits game called Silicon Spies . The game takes about 30 minutes to play (counting logging in). Spent the other half of the day testing out our electric circuit boxes (see pictures above). I borrowed these boxes from one of our teachers in the school who was an ex-science lab teacher from another school. They look pretty easy to make and that make my summer "to do" list. Wednesday - Brought in light bulbs (old clear type with filament and the new CFL's ). Passed around for students to see. We watched a short video on YouTube about CFL's (very good) and then watched a show I downloaded from Discovery Streamline - Animated Classics Thomas Edison Invents the Light Bulb. Played vocabulary Bingo. Thursday - End of unit exam. I gav

Conductor and Insulator Tester

Here are pictures of our circuit testers that we made using the instructions in the Tops Science Electricity book. The students loved making them because they used everyday household items (aluminum foil, battery, and a light bulb). I had several students who made them at home and came back to tell me about it (which is always music to a teachers ears :) The lesson had students teamed up to test various objects around the classroom and record as either a conductor or insulator.

Week in Review

Monday - Not a very inspired lesson. Much shorter then I thought it was going to be, which left me with some time I had to "fill". Basically we moved into electricity and I was going over the parts of a circuit. We watched a 20 minute Electricity video from streamline and a Brainpop on the subject. It was a sort of blah lesson. I did get to show students a series circuit in action and told them they would making them this week...which pepped up the room. Students read their LH assignment in the notebook and drew circuit symbols and an open and closed circuit on the RH side. Tuesday - Conductors and insulators activity in notebook. See post regarding the inexpensive tester we made for this activity. Wednesday - Was lucky to be able to "borrow" a student intern in our school to help us make series circuits. Students had to follow the diagram I had written on the board to create a series circuit and then one with a switch. Student "desk partnered&quo