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Paint by Numbers - Google Forms

  I ran across this clever idea on Twitter for using Google Forms to have students complete a paint-by-number picture by answering questions.  Brad Dale posted the directions and a video on his blog which was very easy to follow.  Since we are so close to Halloween I tried it using a couple of Halloween paint-by-number pictures. I used third grade multiplication word problems, at the request of one of the teachers, who saw my re-tweet on Twitter.  I've included links to both Google Forms I made. You will be forced to make a copy but from there you can edit the questions if you would like.  - Pumpkin Picture (click to link) - Witch Picture (click to link)  Here were a couple of my thoughts as I completing this activity: - The paint-by-number website only offers a max of nine colors. Which means only nine questions on the form. I would have liked the option for more questions. I made a note to look for more detailed options on other sites.  - The paint-by-number website was glitc

Emoji Summaries

  😍 I ran across this awesome Twitter post by Amanda Sandoval  last week and LOVED that she had her students summarizing The Bill of Rights using emojis. I was so engaged trying to guess what the emojis represented that I actually looked up The Bill of Rights.  🤔 That got me thinking of other ways student's could use emojis to summarize or show learning.  📕 I went with a book report summary, as I made my examples pictured above, but I could have easily summarized a video, an article, a lesson, and so much more.  🛠️ I built a template to share with teachers in my district and thought I would share. You will need to click on "file" and "make a copy" if you wish to edit and assign to students.  📹 In the template I put a six minute video overview of the project designed for students. In the video I cover: three ways to get emojis, how to resize them, and tips and tricks for searching and being creative.    💡 The idea to include a video was to give teachers

Visual Vocabulary Activity

  One of my favorite activities to do with students is this visual vocabulary project using Google Slides. I've done it in grades 3-5 and the children love it! I came up with the idea after taking Tony Vincent's Classy Creations course. Think of it as a high tech Frayer Model. The idea is to reinforce vocabulary with the use of images.  In this case: found GIF's, created GIF's, found pictures, and created pictures. It introduces children to new tech skills and sites ( Brush Ninja and Chrome Canvas ) As a teacher I go over the activity with students and we do the first four slides together. This works well in a face-to-face environment. In a virtual environment you may have to adjust. I would recommend making a video for each of the first four slides so students can reference and complete them on their own. Google Slides allows you to "house" videos off the side of the slide so it doesn't interfere with work on the actual slide which makes it a handy place