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End of Year Digital Yearbook w/ Jamboard

You can use Jamboard to create digital year books that can be individually printed out and gifted to students at the end of school year.  This project can be done in Google Slides as well, however Jamboard does offer a couple of advantages. Jamboard slides (or frames) are hidden so it is slightly more difficult to accidentally delete slides (this make collaborating easier). Jamboard offers a drawing and sticky note tool which Google Slides does not.  Unfortunately Jamboard has very limited text sizing, font, and color so I actually set up the names, school, and year in Google Slides and used those as the uneditable backgrounds in Jamboard.   Once the project is complete the teacher can edit and move things around if it needs to be "cleaned up" before printing.  For my "how to" instructions with screenshots click on THIS LINK .  If you use this idea I would love to hear your feedback! You can comment below or tag me on Twitter @atechcoachlife . 

Online Safety Presentation - A to Z

  I recently finished an Online Awareness: Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship course as part of a online teaching endorsement program (specific to the state of South Carolina).  Our final project was to make a presentation. I created an Online A to Z Guide to internet safety that turned out super cute and one I have shared with numerous people.   I used icons from The Noun Project . A couple of years ago I bought a subscription for $19 a year and I have made so many great flyers with their graphics that it was worth the cost...particularly for my job. You can use their icons for free but you must site your source and you have some other limitations. The design idea after taking an online Classy Graphics course with Tony Vincent I included embedded videos on several slides. I would recommend watching them before showing to students (and to verify the links are still good).     - To preview the full presentation CLICK HERE . - To make a copy of the presentation CLICK HERE   If  you