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Conference Presentation - #FETC

I'm excited to be presenting at the Future of Education Tech Conference (FETC) this week. I always thought it was the Florida Education Tech Conference...which makes more sense since it is being held in Orlando, FL but apparently I found out this week that I was wrong! My proposal was accepted for a poster session on the opening day of the conference - Wednesday. So I was able to go (it is easier to "sell" going to a conference to supervisors when you are one of the I put in a lot of proposals during the year :). Poster sessions are really see a lot of people but you can't really explain anything in depth. Another team from our tech department was selected as well and our awesome supervisor helped us make poster for our poster session (see picture above).  Mine is a repeat of a session I presented in Greenville, SC in 2014 (SCEdTech Conference). It is called "Say Cheese! - 10 Easy Projects that Use a Digital Camera".

Coding and Creating Idea

The other day I attended a training session and our group choose this video to watch (we had a list and this was the one that seemed the most interesting to us). I really got sucked into it primarily because of the science element (using conductors). The students used a device called a Makey Makey (which I hadn't heard of). Someone in our group had used them before and said they were really cool. I liked how they tied the use of them into learning about conductors and insulators AND coding (pretty ambitious). Here is a link to what Makey Makey's are and can do . Since I work with Title 1 schools I was able to secure funding for six of the Makey Makey's (they can be purchased on Amazon for $50 each ). I thought they would make a great grant idea for anyone looking for something new and different to do with students that ties in technology, engineering, and science (hence the share).

FETC Conference Presenter

Super excited! Next week I get to present at #FETC in Orlando, Florida. I am going to be presenting a poster session on how easy it is to create student based projects with a digital camera and free software. I presented this at SCEdtech in Greenville in 2014. I submitted some other proposals but I guess my "Say Cheese!" title was more of an attention grabber. There are two other sessions being presented by other team mates from our district. The "Where Technology Fits In" actually was submitted as "WTF? - Where Technology Fits In" (which I thought was pretty clever) but it got changed in the publication. If you are going to the conference stop by the poster session area after the keynote and say hi!