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FREE Thanksgiving Activities

  I put together a full day of Thanksgiving themed activities  (click to will be forced to make a copy) into a single editable Google slideshow for students. It was designed for self-contained 4th and 5th grade classes. Third grade teachers would need to review and possibly modify. There are 12 activities. I made sure that each activity had an accountability piece. I used a variety of free programs, as well as ones we have available to us in our district.  1. Create a Six Word Story based on a Thanksgiving image. I linked a video from Discovery Education explaining what a six word story is (we have a DE subscription). There are some six word story videos on YouTube that could replace the Discovery Education resource or a teacher could simply explain and model the process. 2. Read a short Thanksgiving fiction piece in ReadWorks (free to educators) and respond to the question set. 3. Mystery Picture Math - Thanksgiving Word Problems (I created it in Google Sheets) 4. Answer a

Online Review Game Buzzer is a great FREE tool for hosting online review games with students via Zoom or Google Meet. It is basic but does the job of recording who buzzed in first and displaying student answers.  Our district had it blocked for students (it was classified as "gaming") but after reviewing the site I put in a recommendation for it with my full justification and review and it was unblocked. Give it a try with students using simple trivia to learn how the site works and then start building your own academic review games.