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Happy New Year Foldable

A friend of mine posted this foldable idea on Facebook through "WeAreTeachers" page and I loved, loved, loved it. The post directed you to THIS BLOG  where the teacher modified something she saw on Pinterest. I took the idea and modified it some more to incorporate a coloring aspect...because I can already see the earlier finishers saying "done!". I uploaded the editable file HERE if anyone wants to download and use it. Here are my responses to the foldable: 2 - new goals for this year: (1) Donate blood at least 3x this year and (2) Drink more water 0 - Something I'd like to stop doing: Spending money eating out and/or just eating out less in general 1 - thing I want to learn: How to make more things in my Vitamix blender besides smoothies and hummus (I do have a cookbook I just need to make the leap to opening it :) 4 - new books I want to read: (1) The Brainy Bunch by Kip and Mona Lisa Harding, (2) Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh (3) Night