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If I Had a Pot of Gold...St. Patrick's Day Activity

 Need a fun digital writing prompt for St. Patrick's day? Try this "If I had a pot of Gold" activity. The fun, and techie part, requires students to take a picture of themselves, use the site to remove the background and edit around the face, and then layer it within the hat and beard clipart.  To encourage more writing and detail I made the "pot of gold" cursed so that in order to get what you want you have to do something nice with the some of the gold and tell me what and why. Here are some student samples from a fifth grade class: I didn't do this with the group I worked with but you can have them add in their Leprechaun name using this name generator I found online.   In the "If I had a pot of gold" template ( CLICK HERE TO OPEN ) I have an instructional video on the first slide and some "good" and "bad" writing samples ( CLICK HERE TO OPEN LINK TO VIDEO ONLY ). IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will need to make a copy of bo

I'm Lucky Because...St. Patrick's Day Activity

  I saw this activity on Julie Smith's  The Techie Teacher blog  and I thought it was a super cute digital St. Patrick's Day writing activity.  I created a video for students to watch  walking them through how to complete the activity independently to add to Julie Smith's shamrock template . If you are a GAFE district you will need to make a copy of the video in your Drive before assigning to students. Students in our district are restricted from opening/viewing resources shared outside our domain and I am assuming others are the same.  Since our district uses Google Classroom I created a model assignment showing teacher's how I might set it up for users.  If you have your students complete one I would love to hear how it went. You can comment below or tag me on Twitter @atechcoachlife .