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ReadWorks Annotating Feature (Free Resource)

I just discovered that ReadWorks has a highlighting and annotating feature. Game. Changer! I have always loved ReadWorks and this was the one thing I really felt it was missing. ReadWorks, a free literacy resource for teachers and students, has REALLY stepped up its game. A third grade teacher asked me to introduce it to her students, which is how I stumbled across it. There are four highlighting colors and an annotating feature. To keep students organized with the colors I used the first letter of each color to come up with a guide/anchor chart for students. Since they are new to annotating text I thought having them pick two of the four colors was an easy way to start them learning how to annotate. They can do more for extra credit. I put together a sample of what you might see when students are finished (there is a blue annotation but I couldn't fit it on the screen). If you have different ideas that might work for the colors let me know!