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How I Teach Writing - Video

 Here is a video that I made about how I teach writing. I was exploring how teachers can use videoscribing (tech technique - see explanation HERE ) to make instructional videos with the software we have in the district. I choose writing as my topic. I have presented my writing strategies to several schools and have been video taped on how I implement writing in my classroom. I have less time to go into classrooms to teach this strategy so I thought this video might help some teachers.  I know this is not strictly "science" but I used it when students had to write papers about animals in conjunction with what we are learning in science so I thought it would be appropriate for this blog.  To see this video direct from YouTube (as opposed to an embedded link - CLICK HERE )

Weather Freebies - Flipchart, Homework, NB Page

First, I apologize for the long delay in between posts. I was moved into a new position (still a technology coach but servicing Title 1 school...of which we have a lot!) and I have been a little overwhelmed.  As an apology, I have included a link to a complete weather lesson I recently created for some teachers. You will find a Promethean Flipchart (you can only download if you have the Promethean software), a copy of the blank weather map seen in the picture above, and a copy of the homework sheet (seen in picture #2). This is a two day lesson with the first day showing the flipchart and creating the weather map symbol cheat sheet. The second day involves taking students to the computer lab to complete the two weather activities on ( ).  Enjoy!