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Inauguration Activity

If you plan on watching the inauguration speech with students on Wednesday here is an activity that will engage them. Have students try and think like the President. What might he say to try to motivate Americans from all levels and backgrounds? Develop a presidential "word search" list with the class (5 to 10 keywords, topics, or themes that they think the president elect will speak about during his address). Have students check off the list any time they hear any of the words or topics being used. As a writing extension you can have older students write a speech that they would want to give to America right now. Have them read and record their speech on Flipgrid. Have a separate area for them on their list to note any words, themes, or topics that seem to come up that were not listed. After the speech compare your results and discuss why they thought some words were mentioned and others were not. Did the words used help convey the overall message? Could they summarize the