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Summer Presentation - Success!

A big "Thank You" to all the wonderful middle/high math and science teachers in yesterday's workshop. I was pretty nervous..I've never presented to math teachers or high school teachers. Everybody was so great - even though I forgot things I needed in my car and forgot to ask if anyone had questions at the end! I loved the enthusiasm for notebooking and was happy to hear several people were already using them in the classroom. (Shout out to Helen for her packaging tape idea over one of my notebook covers that is tearing after so many workshop showings). I particularly loved that they all got together for a group photo at the end :) - I am such a huge picture taker.  Thank you again!....and I expect to see my blogger counter go up ;)

Notebooking Presentation - Math/Science

Several years ago (2011) I took a class as part of a master's program at the University of South Carolina. One of the papers I helped write was about notebooking in the classroom. The professor remembered the paper/presentation (which in itself is amazing considering how many students she must see) and asked if I would introduce notebooking at a workshop she and a colleague were doing this summer. I was even offered a small stipend for my part in the workshop (so now I can say I'm a paid notebooking consultant :) The workshop was for middle/high school science and math teachers. I put together a modified PowerPoint presentation aimed at this group and uploaded it HERE to share with the group and anyone else is interested.