Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dry Erase Desks

I saw this in a teacher's room and thought it was an interesting idea. I am very curious to see how the desks will look in December, at Spring Break, and the end of the year.
She said she used them the year before and it worked out great for her for the whole year. She only teaches our gifted and talented population (fourth and fifth grade).
She bought the laminate roll from reallygoodstuff.com as well as the colorful tape that is holding it to the desk. I asked her about students picking at the tape and she said that she is really strict about that from the beginning of the year and didn't experience any problems.

She teaches math and science and uses it in both subjects. In science they can take lecture notes and then transfer them to their notebooks. When she has them watching a science video they also take notes or mark down questions they might have. On the desks are caddies with dry erase markers and socks for erasing.

On as side note (mostly for new teachers) when purchasing dry erase markers for the class always purchase them in one color (black works best). I made the mistake of purchasing a variety pack one year and the squabbling over color choice just about drove me insane.


Ginger Snaps said...

That is a FABULOUS idea!

Anonymous said...

I do this just on the desktops. (Light colored desk) It works fine. The first time I did it last year the principal happened to walk into the room and over to a boy who is ALWAYS in trouble.

The boy blurted out - she told us to. Principal burst out laughing and hugged the boy. He assured the kids he was ok with them using the dry erase on the desks. (Yes my male principal regularly hugs our kids. They often rush up to him and give him a hug during the mornings as they come into school)

I clean the desks by squirting hand sanitizer on the desks. It evaporates quickly