Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun Observation Exercises

Here are three "observational" tests I give my students when I start talking about the importance of making good observations in science.

The first picture students have to find the arrow on the FedEx truck. I give them 2 minutes.

The second they have to find the hidden tiger.

The third they have to count how many "F's" are in the sentence. That is a fun one because they have a minute to count them and they all secretly write down their number and then I have them read them out loud and rarely does anyone get the same number.

The kids love being fooled. For the answers check the comments section.


Eve Heaton said...

The arrow on the FedEx Truck is made up of the white space between the E and the X.

The hidden tiger can be find in the stripes of the tiger...the stripes spell out "The Hidden Tiger".

There are 6 "F's" in the sentence. Students tend to skip over the "f's" in the word "of".

Ginger Snaps said...

That is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

DomiQ said...

This is too cute! I'm definitely using this THIS week. I'm loving that I stumbled across this site!

nyc2001 said...

I can only count 5 f's on the third picture.

MateoZR said...

I can only count 5 Fs also.

kavikagirl said...

i only see 5 fs on the third pic first i saw three but i didnt see the of

Unknown said...

Excellent activities!! And thanks for the answers. They are right!