Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Idea - Class Sweatshirts

A few years ago I purchased some (6 total) inexpensive sweatshirts from the Goodwill and used a fabric pen (WalMart craft area) and wrote "Mrs. Heaton's Room" on both the front and back to keep in the classroom.

These are very popular with my students (from 6th grade down). Our classrooms tend to be cold and at the beginning of the year kids are freezing. These are loaner sweatshirts that are available on a "first asked, first come" basis. I bought them in adult large and have no problem if the kids stretch them out over their knees. I've never had any "fighting" over them and with my name so prominently displayed both front and back they never move to a different classroom (if the child wearing it forgets usually another child reminds them). I take them home every two weeks to wash and...KNOCK ON WOOD....I've never had a problem with lice :)

I'd like to take credit for this idea but it was something I had read in a magazine years ago that stuck with me.


Joan said...

I love that idea! I am going to "steal" it. Our rooms get cold too, and even when it is hot and the AC is one, there are those girls who wear really thin t-shirts and are always cold.

Eve Heaton said...

I lucked out at the Goodwill when I went and they had 6 plain grey sweatshirts but any color/style will work too.


Anonymous said...

When I did my student teaching years ago, the SpEd room was cold enough to hang meat in. The teacher went to Goodwill and bought the very ugliest sweaters she could find, and kept them hanging on the cubby hooks. The kids didn't dare take them out of the room for fear of being teased about the ugly old lady sweaters.