Friday, August 13, 2010

Notebooking - First Days of School

I am helping a group of fourth and third grade teachers in the district get notebooking off the ground this year. School starts for students on Monday so one of the things we talked about was the first couple of weeks in notebooking (with the intent that that would get folks started and then we could meet again and talk about what they/we could do for the next couple of weeks).

I've had several teachers express interest in seeing what that two weeks looks like so I thought I would post the one for third grade and the one for fourth grade.

Please keep in mind while reading it that this is most likely how I would handle the first couple of weeks and I modify as I go based on the students, timing, etc. Your teaching style might be different from mine so feel free to adjust or abandon all together.

Fourth Grade - First Two Weeks Download (if there are any question look at the sample notebook posted here on line)


Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE post the 4th grade download!!! I just found out that I'll be teaching 4th grade this year (I mean just TODAY; I have been laid off until now!), and school starts next week!!! Eeep!! I really want to use notebooking this year, but I am SO not prepared!!!

Eve Heaton said...

I will try and get it uploaded today. Congratulations on the job!