Monday, December 29, 2008


As noted in a previous post, I love incorporating foldables in the classroom. They are great for helping students retain and categorize information. I also find that when students have to create anything related to a topic they are more likely to remember the information.

For example, we were talking about the four different types of fungi. We read the textbook entry about fungi and watched a powerpoint with pictures and the affect of fungi on plants. Then we made a foldable that had four flaps (reinforcing that their are four types of fungi they were to remember). I had them draw pictures of the fungi underneath the flaps to help them visually recall the affects of fungi on plants.

Many foldables fit nicely into a notebook. I do have to trim some always try them first.

Above are pictures of some the foldables I have used in the past with my notebooks (they represent a mixture of both middle and elementary school work but each could easily be adapted up or down as the need required).
Picture #1 - The fungi foldable mentioned above
Picture #2 - The plant life cycle (students drew pictures and wrote information about the stages underneath the flap)
Picture #3 - Leaves, Stems and Roots foldable. Students wrote information about each under the flaps.
Picture #4 - Warm and Cold Blooded Animals. Students had two draw pictures underneath the flap of how each of the animals they drew respond when in warm or cold weather.
Picture #5 - Layers of the Atmosphere Layered Flip Book. Underneath the flaps students had to describe each layer of the atmosphere and draw pictures of things they might find in that layer.

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sally said...

I love your foldable about plant development. I plan to have my students make one for tomorrow!