Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too Much Writing?

With the left hand/right hand rule I am always trying to keep all the written information on one side (left hand) but sometimes there is just too much information and I can't contain it to one small side of the book. In cases like this I adapt (see pictures above).
Picture 1 and 2 - I used Microsoft Publisher "catalog" template to create a mini booklet. I deleted all of the publisher information that pops up automatically with the template and replaced it with my own. I gave it a title page and wrote all my information on the inside and glued the back cover to the book. This gave me a lot more space to add information.
Pictures 3 and 4 - I just used the standard Word document (see my post on formatting word documents for composition notebooks) and folded it in half. I had students design a title for it and then we glued the back side to the book.
Picture 5 - I just typed in Word without formatting for the notebook and folded it in half and glued it in the book.


ahilliman said...

Where did you get your info and such for this section? I love the idea and would like to use it during my tutorials this spring.

Chemcaid said...

I teach high school physics and will take 3 full size pages of notes and chose "booklet" on my copy machine output options and it will reduce all 3 pages so each will fit on one half of the paper and the 4th half is blank to glue into the spiral.