Sunday, December 28, 2008

Formatting a Word Document

I type up a lot of the things I use in my notebook. This can be time consuming the first year.

To format items for the notebook using Word change the orientation of the document to landscape. Then change your top, bottom, left and right margins to .5. Once you have done that click on format and make your page into 2 columns. You are ready to type.

I change the text size around a lot depending on how much I have to type. I try to keep all the information on one side only. Students do fine with small fonts so don't let that deter you.

If the material fits nicely on side of the two column document you are typing then you can cut and paste what you have typed one the other side (that way you don't have to make as many copies). I use the cutting board in the work room to split them in half down the middle and then glue the material in.

I will post what to do with longer material on a separate blog entry with pictures.

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