Monday, December 29, 2008

Who Glues?

I apologize if this blog is a bit out of sequence...basically I am writing things up as they occur to me.

I realized, as I was typing, that I hadn't talked about who glues things into the notebook and that is, surprisingly, important.

Students are capable of gluing material into the book, however in the interest of time it is generally easier if you do it. In most cases I either glue material in myself or I have a parent or middle school volunteer do it for me (time to time if reliable students are done earlier I will set them up gluing for me).

When I taught middle school I had an awesome homeroom class and I would have my early birds come in and glue my pages for the day. They had a system where they would open all the books to the right pages, stack them, and start assembly line gluing. I liked having it done first thing in the morning because then the glue had time to dry. If you glue too close to the class period students find it hard to write, highlight, color, draw, or underline if the glue is still tacky underneath.

In elementary school, I am blessed with teacher cadets from our middle school across the street and I have some middle school volunteers after school that also glue for me. Time to time I don't have the material glued in. I have trained my kids to roll with it. They take the sheets and we do our reading, highlighting or engaging with the material during class. If we have time after the lesson we glue in but if we don't they just put the pages in the book and I will either glue in later or have my middle schoolers do it.

Gluing is not that time consuming I can have it done in less then 10 minutes (that was with the 80+ students I had in middle school and the 40+ students I have in elementary).


Miriam Ramirez said...

Do you glue in all of their foldables too? If so, do the students create them first and then put them in the envelope in the back of the notebook and then you get it out and glue it in?

Miriam Ramirez said...

So, you think of what information you want them to look over the next day and then glue it in their notebooks? Do you also glue in the foldables before or after they are made? Do the students make them first and then put them in their envelope and then you insert it into their notebooks? Also, do you glue daily or weekly? I've just never heard of the teacher doing all of that, so I'm very curious.