Monday, December 29, 2008

Notebook Activity Idea - Posters

This was an activity I did with students where we discussed lab safety. I made flip safety symbols using the greeting card format in Microsoft Publisher. I had the students try and guess what the symbols meant and they wrote the correct thing underneath each tab. Below that I had students take notes regarding general lab safety rules (there were ten in all). Their right hand assignment was to create a lab safety poster focusing on one of the ten lab rules of their choice. They had to list three reasons why the rule was important on the poster.


Ms. Chavis said...

I love this idea and plan to create something very similar. Did you use Microsoft Word to create the flip images?

Eve Heaton said...

I did. I changed the paper layout to landscape and then put the images into text boxes (which allowed me to move them around easily within Word). I dragged them to the bottom of the page so that when it printed out I could fold the top back and have the students cut between the images for a flip layout. This was our first "flip flap" experience and the students liked it a lot.

Wild About Kids said...

Where can I get the symbols?