Saturday, December 27, 2008

Title Pages

The title page is how we start out each unit (and the begining of the book). I liked to do the title page on the right hand side and glue the standards we address on the left. I go over the standards at the begining of the unit.

Pictured above are a couple of examples of title pages. The one that simply says "science" is the books main title page.
Some teachers have students do a book walk through the chapters they are addressing to find pictures. I require that students give a caption that tells me about their picture (that helps when faced with a student who HATES to draw and you have no idea what they put down). The first time I did this with elementary students it was painful...the students could not come up with ideas. In that case (and in any case where differentiated instruction is needed) go through what would be appropriate pictures together as a group (after reading the standards and possibly going through the textbook) and allow the students to copy what you have drawn on the overhead or interactive white board.
I try to have them color the entire title page (no white what I tell them). My fourth graders are getting better about making title pages and need less instruction then when they were first introduced.

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