Thursday, January 1, 2009

How Many Books Do I Need?

In the middle school (my first year) students were asked to have two notebooks per subject area. One was for before the holiday break and one was after the break.

That worked out well for me because I felt like I did a horrible job the first part of the school year and was grateful for the "do over" opportunity a new book presented in January. I have to say that I felt the same way about my first scrapbook I ever was horrible. I then went to the opposite extreme and my scrapbooks were very elaborate. I am now at a "happy" place with my scrapbooking style that works best for me. I believe that will be the track I am following with notebooking :)

I am trying to avoid going to a second book this school year. I like the idea of trying to fit the entire year of science into one book. I think I can do it but I guess only time will tell! I will reevaluate if that is how I want to continue at the end of this year and decide if I want one or two notebooks next year.

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