Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reducing Handouts for the Notebook

I read somewhere to shrink handouts to fit the notebook you need to set your copier to reduce and hit 85%. I had never actually put this to the test. I did the other day and the picture above was the result. I still had to trim and I am actually thinking that 80% would probably have been better. Then I could have cut the sheets above in half and put them together on the copier to run a full sheet of paper with a copy of the worksheet on both halves (thus saving paper).
Also....and this just occured to me typing this...since one side is always glued to the notebook you could recyle paper pretty easily. I always request scrap paper in the copier room and I could easily run the blank side through the copier and glue the unwanted side down in the notebook. Mmmm....might have to try that this week.


Mendy said...

I actually find that 75% - 77% will fit two to a page :)

AMY said...

I love the handout. Where did it come from?

Eve Heaton said...

Amy - the handout came from the book "Worms Eat Our Garbage: Classroom Activities for a Better Environment". I had written a grant to compost in the classroom and I purchased this book to help with classroom activities related to the topic. Hope that helps!