Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Fairly routinely I do a weekly "If you were paying attention in class" quiz. It is generally a multiple choice/short answer format anywhere from 10-15 questions. I started to have students glue in their quizzes to their notebook and I like the idea. I don't do it with tests, since they tend to be longer. Here are some things though to consider:

- I am trying to keep the science notebooks to one book this year and not bleed over to a second notebook. This means that space is at a premium. I stopped gluing quizzes in around December. I am also trying to conduct my weekly quiz through my websites quiz feature - it gets graded for you and uses less paper (website I use to create my own website is School World at
- It is nearly impossible to make a 10 question quiz that will fit on one side of the book unless you use a publisher catalog format (see previous posts). Most of my weekly quizzes have been running about 15 questions and take up a two page spread.
- I glue in after I have graded. Using the work room cutting board or just a handy pair of scissors to cut in half.
- I use to send the notebooks home and require that students have parents sign the quiz page to indicate that they had seen it.

Some teachers I have shown my books to like having the quizzes in the notebook. It really is a personal preference.


Mendy said...

I've put the quizzes in the notebook before, and my issue was it actually ate up a two page spread - space being at a premium as you say. :)

I think a good balance to that is the envelope at the back of the notebook to hold returned quizzes - maybe a comment sheet could be glued onto the envelope with a place for parent signatures?

hmmmmmmmm :)

awesome blog, btw

Eve said...

Thanks for the blog compliment. It helped to have it when I was talking about notebooking at USC. I like the comment sheet suggestions. I've stopped gluing quizzes in for the same reason you mentioned - space. Particularily since I would like to have their full year in one notebook and not split between two. Next year you need to showcase your humanities notebooks. There were heaps of teachers interested in them for social studies.