Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Teacher Version of the Notebook

Last year I saw another sixth grade teacher who kept a teacher copy of the students notebook with notes about how the activities ran, modifications she would use next year, etc. I thought it was a great idea. However, as good plans often go...I found I didn't update it like I should. Still the idea had merit.

I tried again this year (fourth grade) and I have been much better about gluing in sheets to my teacher notebook but have been lacking in the note taking department (one year I will get it all right!).

My mistake in studiously maintaining my teacher notebook this year is that I glued ahead what I was going to do with students. Turns out I have had to adjust several times and have not used certain lab sheets and others with students that were now in my notebook. This has been driving me insane since now my teacher copy does not match the students copy for this year (oh well!). I figure I learned the hard way not to glue ahead :)


Anonymous said...

I also keep a copy of the notebook that the kids keep - I absences in my copy and I also write down pages from the ScienceSaurus that I use to go along with each lesson - that way I know who missed what and where to find it.

julian said...

How about a loose-leaf master notebook instead?