Thursday, January 1, 2009

Miniature Science Fairs

This activity could have easily gone into student notebooks but I had students take them home to help them prepare for our science fair.
Students were involved in a classroom experiment and then had to create miniature science boards and lab books that mimicked what was being asked of them when they turned in their actual science fair boards (from what page contains what information in the lab book to the placement of pictures and graphs on the board).
It was really a fun project and the even though it took some prep work (making all those mini lab books) the students really got into it. It was a two day process. One for the experiment and recording some information in the lab book and the next day to finish the boards and lab book.
I am not a huge fan of science fairs in general but I really try and prepare my students and parents for what is expected. I have a "science fair center" on my website at and anyone is welcome to view what I have posted online as far as science fair information and resources.


Robin said...

Hi, I love this idea for a take-home guide for kids to know and practice what their presentation board should look like. Could you give me more information on what they included in the mini-book?

Nicky said...

You give me a brilliant idea to do with the Science club here in Mexico. Thx