Saturday, January 3, 2009

Notebook Activity Idea - ABC Book

This ideas was taken from my team teacher last year. She had the students make an ABC book in their notebook in one of their units (Greece, I believe). I thought I would try it as an end of year science review. She gave me her grading rubric and format (which students then glued in...see first picture).
Basically students divided each page in fourths and then they had to write three things about the lettered item. I choose the lettered items for them (which was in the glued handout). You could have the students pick their letter items but it was just easier to have them already assigned.
If I remember correctly my team teacher gave this to them as a take home/when you have free time assignment. I gave students a week during our end of year state test review to do it in class. You can diffentiate instruction by randomly choosing a letter of the day to do together as a class in order to model what you expect from students.
Students were required to list the facts, draw a picture and color each block.
My team teacher combined the X Yand Z letters, which kept it from having two random letters on the last page. I went with the random letters.
I loved how this assignment turned out. I think the students were a little "done" with the ABC book format having done it in two classes. I will have my elementary students do one closer to the end of the year.

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