Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Projecting Images - Quick Tip

I have an interactive white board in my classroom but the bulk of this year and all of last year I used an overhead projector. I would draw samples of what pages were to look like the old fashioned way.

I was excited about using the white boards and was thinking it might be nice to scan in notebook pages to show students examples of how things were done (i.e. title page, concept maps, etc.).

I never used the scanner feature instead I got an idea off of that suggested using a webcam as a cheap document reader. Just point the webcam at a sample page and it will project onto your board. We have a couple of webcams and I have used it for this. Webcams are also very inexpensive to purchase (under $40).


Debby Epps said...

Smartphone apps that allow you to use the camera on your phone to scan to pdf and upload using programs like dropbox would be really fast and easy.

Anonymous said...

use scan app on smartphone to take picture and upload to pdf...use dropbox to access anywhere. Fast and easy.